How to Twist!

Chilling Glasses

Chill your glass before serving your cocktail can create a smooth and more enjoyable texture.

Leave your glasses in the freezer or fridge before serving is a popular option.

Rest ice inside your glass for up to 10min before serving, then throw the ice out.

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Chill your bottle

Chill your bottled cocktail several hours before you serve. 

You can always add ice in your cocktail shaker before serving, which will give that burst of chill before serving. 

You want to try avoid pouring your cocktail on ice, it may change the taste of the cocktails.

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Garnish a cocktail

Garnishing your cocktail can be as important as the very taste of your cocktail.


For some cocktails it can even complete the taste, without a garnish, your cocktail may not taste as it should.

Try to plan your garnish in advance, you will appreciate it that much more.